Who Do You Love?

02.14.14 | Posted in UnCommon Leadership

Hopefully, you’ve taken care of this special day that the marketing machines have created so that, no matter what, we take the time to recognize that special love in our life. My wife and I went out to dinner on Wednesday to beat the maddening rush and inflated pre-fix menu prices most restaurants provide on Valentine’s Day. Great marketing by them. Great decision by us!

Here’s a concept for your consideration – if you own something, then it’s yours and you can choose to do what you want to with it, correct? For example, staying with the Valentine and love theme, if I possess a dozen roses then I can choose to: a) keep them for myself, b) give them to someone else, or c) share them in a way that more than just me or one other person receives the gift. In the last example, there is the potential to give away and bless the lives of 12 other people as long as I’m willing to let them all go!

As a leader, this same example applies to you and to those that you lead. You can’t give away something you don’t own.  You can’t give away being a boss that cares (read – loves his/her people!) if you don’t care about and love yourself in a healthy, productive manner. You can’t give away the gift and power of creating a vision for your team, department or company if you, first, don’t have a vision for yourself.

UnCommon Leaders start with themselves. They start their first leadership journey by looking in the mirror and getting real and honest about who they are. It starts with you and me. We get healthy, honest and real about our strengths and our gaps that keep us from becoming an UnCommon Leader – a leader that makes a difference and leaves a positive legacy. And, we learn to accept ourselves and those unique traits that we each possess and realize we are beautiful and wonderful creations from God.

What is it that you need to own that you don’t own today that will move you forward as an UnCommon Leader?

Onward & Upward!

Ed Chaffin

This blog is dedicated to my beautiful, wonderful wife Eva. We’ve now celebrated 34 Valentine’s Days together!

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