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Personal Leadership – the foundation for the UnCommon Leadership model is personal leadership – both for you as a leader and for those that you lead. Our starting point on this journey of becoming an UnCommon Leader is you! There are actually two parts to personal leadership; your ability to self-regulate and manage yourself in a positive healthy manner and then your ability to lead others personally based on their intrinsic motivations that are unique to them.

Personal leadership for you begins with taking an inventory of exactly where you are today in many different areas. We are very complex humans, thus we’ll break it down into smaller pieces. The model I’ll use is a four quadrant model created by Aristotle and popularized in our modern times by Steven Covey; Mental, Physical, Social/Emotional and Spiritual.

Today’s Intention is about you and your Physical condition. Why would I choose physical as a starting point? Think of your body as a Ferrari. If it won’t crank then one must determine why. It’s capable of incredible performance, but if the engine is not running, focusing on the dent in the door (that will cost $5k to fix!) isn’t going to solve the problem. In executive coaching, I call this determining the source of the issue vs. focusing on the symptoms.

Before we begin to apply the ARIA model get a pen/paper, ipad/stylus or however you take notes and save important planning that you do. TIP: do this process described below mentally first, then go back through and capture it in writing more detail what your thoughts were!

Awareness – Think about your physical condition. Is your “Ferrari” running at peak performance? If not, what’s going on? Overweight? Lethargic? Chronic health issues like colds, flu, sinus infections? Make a list of the things that are going on with you and your body, both positive and negative.

Reflection – If you uncovered some areas that really need to be addressed, then take time to reflect on the benefits of having that issue gone. What would happen to your performance at work? At home? How would if affect your attitude about life? If your physical condition were no longer an issue, what would happen to your thought process on a daily basis? And, reflect on just what your lack of physical conditioning has cost you? What have you missed because you weren’t able to participate because of your health? Did you play a sport before, but have had to give it up because of a health issue?

Insight  – With that reflection now take time for other insights. How did you get to this state of physicality? What are you doing that you didn’t do before that has impacted you negatively in this area? What obstacles would be in your way if you committed to treating your body as if it were a Ferrari that needed the proper fuel and maintenance to drive peak performance? Who could you influence in a more positive manner if your health were no longer an issue? What activities could you rejoin participating in if your engine were hitting on all 12 cylinders?

ACTION – some people say knowledge is power. No, it’s just information unless you do something with it! That’s why ACTION is in all caps. Decide now what action steps you need to begin that will drive you toward creating a physical body that supports everything else that you are doing and ultimately want to do.

Now, however you set goals and create accountability, get going! Do you use SMART goals? Then get smart and do it! Whatever method you use, commit it in writing and to the right people for accountability for your goals.

Onward & Upward!

Ed Chaffin

Here are a few resources to help you discover more about taking care of your health and your body!

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R. Covey


Ultra-Prevention – Mark Hyman


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