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Personal Leadership – we wrap up the four quadrants of Personal Leadership conversation with this week’s Weekly Intention that is focused on the Spiritual dimension of you as a person and therefore, a leader. Last week we looked at the Social and Emotional dimensions and attempted to cover another very vast subject in a short amount of time! Here’s my encouragement – become curious and begin to do your own research on these subjects.  There is so much information available on all of these topics now and I want you to find the best information for YOU! I believe my role is simple  – provide just enough information for you to see value in the discussion with the hope that it will generate inspiration for you to explore deeper on your own.

If ever there was a topic that could produce many different viewpoints, Spirituality is the one! I will be candid and let you know that I am a devout follower of Christ. My journey of discovery came about as I rejected the teachings of my father who was a Baptist Pastor. At best, for about 20 years I was agnostic – I really didn’t believe that, even if there was a God & Creator, I could have a relationship with him. In 1993 I had a conversion back to Christianity after a seven-year process. You can read a brief write-up on my Speeches page to give you an idea of what started that journey. While I believe that I must be true to my faith and beliefs, my goal for this blog is to prove to you with data that a Spiritual dimension pursuit is worthy and, just like the research on the brain that is transforming our thinking, there is research in this dimension that supports its importance.

Let’s start with the idea of prayer as an important part of your spiritual journey. Prayer results in research are amazing in human studies. In a 1988 study by Dr. Randolph Byrd at San Francisco General Hospital, 393 coronary care patients receiving prayer with their medical care, suffered significantly less congestive heart failure, fewer cardiopulmonary arrests, used fewer antibiotics and diuretics, and had less pneumonia.

In a 1998 study at California Pacific Medical Center, a double-blind study revealed profound affects from “distant healing prayer” with advanced AIDS patients. They survived in greater numbers, got sick less often, and recovered faster than those not receiving prayer.

A study of 35,000 Norwegians (Norway is a country with a very low participation rate of people attending church), found that regular churchgoers had lower blood pressure – after taking into account other factors that can affect blood pressure, such as age. Blood pressure is a good general indicator of your overall cardiovascular health, and so it picks out those people most at risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

I could continue on and on with research information I’ve found. And, I’ll also be honest. I found information that indicates faith and prayer have no affect on a person’s health. Could this possibly be answered by our discussion on the brain and the power of the belief system? I don’t know, but here’s what I believe and I’ll frame it this way and then you can decide how you want to pursue this important topic.

When I look at the universe, the stars, the planets and our life here on earth we find everything in perfect balance. If we look at how remarkably wonderful our bodies and brains are, and how everything has to work just perfectly, then I can only believe that this “master” design came from something or someone, and not nothing.  Just the other day, I was visiting my new doctor here in Baton Rouge. The nurse pricked my finger and the doctor took one drop of blood and put it on a slide and then placed it under a microscope with a 40k magnifying capacity! My blood was then displayed on a 22” monitor and she began to show me what was going on.  We saw a lot of red blood cells “stacked” on top of each other instead of free floating as they should be. Her view is that is being caused by all of the electronics we have become exposed to now. We could see dead parasites. We saw live parasites trying to attack red blood cells. There were white blood cells ready to attack the parasites to “clean” up my blood. We found a white blood cell in mid-process of devouring a parasite! It was fascinating and guess what? We aren’t even looking at the true nuclear level of our composition where even more fascinating and incredible miracles happen every second. Again, I could go on and on, but let’s land the plane. I can’t believe that all of this “just happened.” I’m not an accident and you aren’t either. I once heard someone explain it this way. To believe that there is no Creator, no Master Designer would be to believe that a tornado could rip through a junk yard and create a 747 jet! I think that’s a good reference point.

You can choose to believe what you want. I choose to believe there is a Creator who fashioned this universe we live in and created perfect order that enables us to live. I believe that He is the source of all truth and we, as his creations, can and should seek to connect with Him through our prayers and our focus on just how beautifully and wonderfully we have been made. And, I believe that we can have a personal relationship with him through his Son, Jesus Christ. That’s what I believe and I apologize to no one for it!

Before we begin to apply the ARIA model get a pen/paper, ipad/stylus or however you take notes and save important planning that you do. TIP: do this process described below mentally first, then go back through and capture in more detail what your thoughts were!

Awareness –  Where are you with your attitudes and beliefs about Spirituality? Do you have a belief about God? Do you believe that you can have a relationship with Him? Where did your beliefs about God, Creation, religion and spirituality come from? Are they truly yours or did you adopt someone else’s belief? Do you believe this is an important area to explore to become a great leader? How accepting are you of others that have a different view from yours? What benefits would you gain by being open to a different view point than yours?

Reflection – If you uncovered some areas that really need to be addressed, then take time to reflect on the benefits of a focused, intentional effort to begin to address the spiritual dimension of you as a human on planet earth! Reflect on who you would become with a more intentional focus on your spiritual beliefs and actions. Are there any relationships that could be restored or strengthened by development in this area?

Insight  – What areas of growth stood out for you as you became aware and gained insight into your current status with this dimension? Is this a strength for you or a place where intentional focus could pay big dividends? What could be the most important benefit of increasing your focus, skills and competency here? Do you really believe that you can accurately gauge your competency or do you need outside feedback to gain a 360 view?

ACTION –  Our mantra is knowledge is just information without ACTION?! Decide now what action steps you need to begin that will move you toward creating a deeper focus on you as a spiritual being and your relationship with God. What’s the one thing you could begin to do today that would make the biggest difference?


Now, however you set goals and create accountability, get going! Do you use SMART goals? The get smart and do it! Whatever method you use, commit it in writing and to the right people for accountability for your goals.


Resources to help you discover more about the social and emotional dimensions and how to take care of them both!


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