Today Celebrate Freedom for the US…..and the people of Egypt!

07.04.13 | Posted in UnCommon Leadership

In the High Performance Leadership program based out of IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland, the team of staff and coaches work with global leaders to help them take their leadership game to an entirely different level. In April of this year, we brought the program to the US for the first time ever and the group of leaders was exceptional. In my small coaching group we had a leader from Egypt and our team bonded extremely close during the six days. In fact, there has been an almost constant stream of communication with the team ever since because it was such a transformational experience for all of us. The man from Egypt shared with us the struggles they were facing as a family and as a nation.  He and his wife were dealing with whether to stay in Egypt or leave. Either decision would be extremely difficult with each having ramifications beyond any decision I think I’ve ever had to make. We came along side him as a team and helped him look at his options, but truthfully, I felt helpless in our being able to assist him as the magnitude of the decision was beyond anything I could comprehend.

I came home from that program and shared with my wife how blessed we were to live in the United States.  Any and all of our problems and issues here in the US pale in comparison to what some people in other countries have to deal with.  I am no fan of our current government and the way it’s being run.  I love the United States, but we have drifted dramatically away from our founding principles.  I will not go into any more detail to express my opinions as this blog is not a political blog. It is about leadership though and I, for one, don’t see leadership with integrity and honesty coming from our politicians in Washington. They are definitely not representing UnCommon Leadership the way I see it!

As we are celebrating the anniversary of our independence and freedom in 1776 today, let us also keep the people of Egypt in our thoughts and prayers as they begin a new chapter in their storied history. Yesterday was a pivotal day for the people and the country. My hope is that this time a true republic with a democratic representation of the people will come together for the benefit of creating a new constitution and vision for the future that will propel Egypt back to peace and prosperity for a long time to come. The middle east is in desperate need of a country run by people who embrace and care about personal freedom and liberty.

So, as you enjoy your day of independence to do whatever you want to do, worship wherever you want to worship, shop and spend wherever, barbecue and eat until you can’t eat anymore, lift up the people of Egypt in your thoughts and prayers please. May they experience peace and freedom soon!

Onward & Upward!

Ed Chaffin

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