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03.06.13 | Posted in Guest Blog

Guest Blog – Owen Baker from Nebraska!

Owen has become a great friend in the past year. We have shared many an hour of talking about our passions and dreams. He is an amazingly creative person with a special focus on leading and guiding couples on their path for creating sustainable, healthy, loving relationships. Recently, he posted a compelling blog on his website called Where Do You Envision Yourself In The Next Five Hours? I hope you enjoy a repost of his blog in our Guest Blog section!

“As leaders of teams, departments, or even organizations, casting vision is part of the gig. Some can do it with little to no effort. Vision is a part of their DNA. It is for me as well. I can see the next five years, the next 10 and see what has yet to be realized. It’s the immediate that can trip me up sometimes.

I teach a class to high school kids at my church, and I’ve used the quip “it’s easier to have faith, walking on water, than it is to have faith walking on dry land”.

Why? Simple. When the big thing is in front of us, we call forth strength, character, and all those things that signal to the world that we found a pair and are ready to conquer that far off, distant hill.

But for many a leader like that, it’s easy to conquer the hills in business, but when they come home and face the simple things like communicating or simply identifying with the other person in the room, they’re rolled over by a defeating din of discouragement.

It’s easier to do all of this big picture kind of lifting at work than it is at home, isn’t it? Long ago, when you used to think about what life was going to be like in 20 – 30 years you had it figured out. But as often is the case, a strong leader can leave some critical thinking out of the equation when thinking alone. Too often when a leader like you has spent years rowing to that distant shore, the partner in life is no longer in the boat and you didn’t know that you’ve been rowing alone for a long time.

Where you envision your company, or your life in the next 10 years can seem easy enough to visualize “out there”. But if you can’t execute successfully when you walk through the door at the end of today, guess what, you’re not leading where it will really matters in the end.

Where do you see yourself in the next five hours will give you insight as to where you’ll be in the next five years. Just like you do in your organization, you must lead, do the hard work and perform as if you were there already. If you can’t envision having a healthy, meaningful, loving exchange over dinner in five hours time, that’s your clue you have some work to do. Perform at home the way your other half, plus the kids are needing – be the one they want you to be – at home. Start tonight by taking off the armor of the day, setting aside your title and making yourself human, practicing a more willing and yielding tone with your spouse and your kids.

Do it tonight and you can see yourself years from now doing what you were hoping for all along.”

Thank you Owen for that contribution. This blog goes hand in hand with the brief Weekly Intention I just posted after losing a friend to brain cancer. My friend was a true champion in the area of what Owen just wrote about – with his wife and family. Are you?

Onward & Upward!

Ed Chaffin

Here’s a link to Owen’s website.

Here’s a link to Owen’s new mini-book just released. It’s a great, quick read that will make you think about what is important! And, only $.99!!!




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