The Birkman Method®

The Birkman Method

How would you like to facilitate significant and lasting change in individuals and teams? The Birkman Method® is a foundational assessment that can complement and drive many personal and organizational initiatives.

The UnCommon Leadership® Continuum shown on the home page gave context for how and where the Birkman can facilitate all components for social and emotional intelligence that leaders require to create peak performance for themselves, their teams and organizations.

  • Learn the hidden dimension that determines whether you are operating from your strengths or in stress mode!
  • Find out the key Interests that drive you and predict harmony or conflict with others – and is a powerful indicator of your passions and career preferences!
  • Determine your Organizational Focus – this indicates the strengths you bring to the organization and the potential conflicts if the organizational culture is very different from you!

This is the most powerful motivational assessment on the market and can accelerate the learning curve of how to truly lead and motivate yourself and your team. It accurately measures the factors that predict both performance and job satisfaction. It’s also an incredible way to gain understanding of what peak performance looks like for yourself or any member of your team and how to drive peak performance in your team and organization.

Identifying Motivations that Improve Performance

The Birkman Method identifies the respondent’s everyday interpersonal style (usual leadership mode), and unlike most other popular assessments, gives unique insights into underlying intrinsic motivations and needs. Research has proven that intrinsic motivators are a stronger factor in predicting satisfied and engaged employees! And, stress behaviors are identified when these needs are not met. We begin to understand fully why a person is reacting to certain situations and interactions with others.

Knowing the underlying motivations and the consequences of unmet needs give us an effective and reliable way to improve workplace performance and reduce conflict.
Dr. Roger Birkman, Creator of The Birkman Method

The Birkman Method includes the five following major perspectives as well as information on over 60 different dimensions of you as a leader:

  • Usual Behavior – an individual’s effective behavioral style of dealing with relationships and tasks
  • Underlying Needs – an individual’s expectations of how relationships and social situations should be governed
  • Stress Behaviors – the behavior observed when underlying needs are not met
  • Interests – an individual’s expressed preference for areas that drive passions and can create stress
  • Organizational Focus – the perspective in which an individual views problems and solutions relating to organizational goals. And, how their Organizational Focus contributes to the goals of the organization and where they “fit in” with the team and the culture of the organization