UnCommon Leadership® – Why Legacy Is The Only Thing That Matters

We live in a world hungry for people who model and live integrity, honesty, humility, and authenticity and are willing to serve others above themselves – leaders who make a difference in not only their lives, but in the lives of others they touch.

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Ed ChaffinWe have seen examples in the US, all over the globe, and even in our local communities of leaders who have violated their mantle of leadership that they’ve been given! From Lance Armstrong, to Bernie Madoff, Enron, Tyco, Richard Nixon and countless others here in the US and around the world, a lack of integrity and winning at all costs seems to permeate the halls of leadership! Lives have been destroyed, fortunes lost, and countries, cities and communities have been ruined all because leaders, driven by lust and greed, violated a foundational tenant of leadership, trust.

Ed Chaffin has taken the concept of servant leadership and created a different perspective that is the key for sustained success. That concept is personal leadership and it’s a two-sided coin– personal leadership for you, and then a personalized approach to those you’ve been entrusted to lead! This is the foundation for the UnCommon Leadership model.

In this real-world, compelling talk:

  • Learn the #1 reason leaders fail! It’s actually quite simple, but profound!
  • Discover the secret rule for leadership that will radically change how you think about being a leader!
  • Participate in an exercise that will reveal what everyone wants from a leader!
  • Hear Ed’s story of applying these principles in an executive leadership role that resulted in a highly engaged workforce!

Invite Ed Chaffin to speak to your group for this inspirational talk on UnCommon Leadership®….a concept he wants you to hear so you too can help him change the world one person at a time!

Redemption Story

A compelling ‘Pay-it-Forward’ talk for groups ready to hear a true story that proves radical transformation is real – and possible.

In early 1985 I had it all— the trappings of what appeared to be a successful life. I had been the number one salesman for my company for the previous two years. We had the semi-custom home and two Mercedes in the garage. But all of the “stuff” was a mirage and a cover for the emptiness that I had inside. I had become highly successful driven by the belief that if I worked hard enough and had big goals and dreams I could accomplish anything and nothing was impossible. While that may be true, the reality was that my goals and dreams were driven by a belief that if I achieved great success and made a lot of money, I would obtain true happiness!

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Sometime in late 1983 while becoming the #1 sales person nationally, I started dabbling with cocaine. By late 1984, I was in full-blown addiction, and I was in trouble. Hard as I tried, I couldn’t stop doing cocaine and began to rapidly progress through the psychosis that grips an addict. My wife had threatened to walk out if I didn’t get my act together, but in my flesh I couldn’t stop.

During this time I can honestly say I was agnostic at best. I really didn’t want a relationship with God nor did I believe that there was a God that I could get to know and relate to on a personal basis. But God had ideas and plans for my life and my spiritual awakening. In my last ever cocaine binge where I went through a lot of cocaine over a three day period, I finally hit rockbottom. Locked up in my bathroom deciding what I should do, God revealed future visions of my life that caused me to hit that point of change. Honestly, at the time I didn’t realize it was a vision from God, but I knew it was a vision, nonetheless. And it radically changed who I was and where I was going.

In this compelling testimony, I explain exactly what God revealed and how it catapulted me into a deep relationship with the true God of this universe through His Son Jesus Christ. This testimony has been given in several churches, and the response has been overwhelming. People are touched by the true story of God’s grace and mercy when they hear about that dramatic point where God chose to reveal an incredible vision.

I dedicate a portion of my time and efforts as part of God’s plan for my life and will deliver this speech to any group, large or small, on a pro-bono basis. If you desire to hear a true story of radical and transformational redemption, please contact me directly.