Executive and Leadership Coaching

CPI™ – Coaching for Performance Improvement – an executive coaching program for leaders who want and or need to enhance their leadership effectiveness to achieve better results. This program is the result of coaching numerous executives who were at risk, as well as leaders that were considered high potentials.

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The process is tailored for each situation and the desired mutually developed goals. All or some of the following are components of the CPI process:

  • Initial interview with the leader to determine objectives
  • Initial interview with the sponsor, HR or anyone else in the organization that will be involved in the coaching program
  • Collaborative meeting with all involved parties to sign off on the objectives
  • Birkman Method Assessment and Consultation
  • SEIP 360 26 social and emotional intelligence competencies assessment
  • Qualitative 360 – 1 to 1 interviews with the leader’s supervisor, peers, subordinates and any other people that the leader interacts with on a regular basis
  • Presentation of findings from the SEIP 360 and the qualitative interviews.
  • Six to twelve months of one to one coaching
  • Reading of up to three different books that are foundational concepts for the CPI coaching program
  • On site shadowing of the leader for a day
  • Attend & observe meetings the leader is involved in

Ed is a very insightful coach whose questions have triggered great changing processes in my life. His experience in the corporate world and his overall atittude towards life and relationships is an inspiring source of energy. R.Altavini, Global Exec

The power of this process is that the coaching isn’t about “symptoms.” We will work until we’ve uncovered the “source” of the areas that are holding the leader back from moving to peak performance. And, we’ll capitalize on the strengths that are identified by both the SEIP 360 and the Qualitative 360. That powerful combination has produced remarkable results for leaders!

Ed brings together years of powerful, inspirational and influential 
leadership skills. Combined with his amazing intuition and exceptional grasp for what is really important in life, Ed is exceptional at helping people design, develop and follow their road map in life. He is truly an amazing executive coach, mentor and leader and will guide you to the next level. J.Arnold, Executive Coach and Consultant

Leadership Consulting

The focus of the Leadership Consulting goes beyond just the success of the individual leader. It seeks to transform the hearts, minds and attitudes of the people you lead – including you!

The UnCommon Leadership Model is used as the foundational learning for the individual and the organization. This model is the result of the last four years of my coaching and consulting career combined with my previous executive experience of creating and leading peak performing teams.

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With a focus on PEOPLE as THE most important asset for a company, the outcome will be a culture that is vibrant, healthy and productive. People you influence become highly motivated to pursue their potential and contribute their best for the vision and purpose of the organization.

Ed is personable and insightful. He is able to work with a variety of cultures and organizational structures, quickly getting to root opportunities for improvement. Ed’s not afraid to say it “as it is”. Ed can be trusted. I’ve known Ed for more than a decade, have worked with him in a variety of situations, value his integrity and business acumen. He’s been a senior leader in large successful companies. He is my first choice if I need a coach or business consultant. He understands work dynamics, is a Birkman expert, insightful in team dynamics and provides great value. M.Reeves, Fortune 25 Exec

UnCommon Leadership is also sustainable and ultimately independent of a single person. It is characterized by:

  • A Culture and People with Purpose and Vision
  • A Culture w/ High Trust
  • People who understand the concept of Secure Base Leadership as the foundation for creating TRUST
  • Values of the individuals are aligned with the organization
  • Employees are valued and know how they contribute to the success of the organization

Learn how to transform both your leadership abilities and your organization. Contact Ed directly to discuss your opportunity.

Career Focus and Transition

Are you ready to take the “next step” in your career?

Unemployed with questions about how to conduct an effective job search campaign?

High school or college student wanting to make sure your major aligns with your passions?

Recent or soon to be college graduate wanting to find out how to get that “edge” to find the best possible job aligned with your career objectives?

Then you’ve found the right career coach!

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Ed has been providing career counseling and coaching for over 20 years. He understands the importance of social media, how to build your brand and how to conduct an effective job search. With career transition coaching the focus is not just landing a job, but rather assessing what will truly provide the fulfillment you desire.

Premium Package – $2500

Designed for the employed leader and/or executive that desires to find the next best opportunity that fits their goals and passions.

Includes the following:

  • Initial consultation to determine alignment and establish objectives
  • Birkman Method assessment consultation
  • Review current resume
  • Follow up consultation to review the Birkman and align the data with the objectives.
  • Coaching to produce a killer resume
  • Guidance on how to leverage social media to create your brand
  • Four individual coaching sessions

Ed is an inspirational, very trustworthy and results driven career coach. He brings a sincere interest in working with each person individually to help them develop personal goals and reach their potential. C.Mings

Coaching For People In Transition & College Students – $1000

Recognizing that finances can be a major issue for those finding themselves looking for an opportunity, this package is similar to the one above, but scaled to fit in your budget!

  • Initial consultation to determine alignment and establish objectives
  • Birkman Method assessment consultation
  • Review current resume
  • Coaching to produce a killer resume
  • Guidance on where to find the right information to manage the social media and branding mandatory in today’s job market

Ed can guide you in assessing your areas of fulfillment, desires, aptitudes and skills to develop a unique picture of how to pursue your next big career step. Any transition involves growth and change, but it’s important to focus your efforts in the right areas. Your coach helps you concentrate your efforts to ensure you get where you want to go.

Career coaching is highly personalized and utilizes key assessment tools to help ground your decisions and activity. Contact Ed today for a free consultation and explore how you can take the first steps in a new direction.