SEIPWhat separates the really great leaders from good leaders?

There are many factors and opinions, but the research accumulated in the last 20 years indicates, unequivocally, it’s about S+EQ.

What is S+EQ? Social & Emotional Intelligence and it is the driver for success in life, work and in our business and personal relationships. It is the most important factor in developing leadership, workplace effectiveness, happiness and well-being.

The UnCommon Leadership Model and the continuum approach of Kaizen (continuous improvement) is supported at a deeper level by adding one of the richest and comprehensive S+EQ Assessments you will find.

The Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP)™ is based on the leading model of S+EQ used by over 75% of Fortune 500 companies.

The SEIP™:

  • Measures 26 distinct social and emotional intelligence competencies
  • Lets people instantly see their strengths and potential vulnerabilities when it comes to social and emotional intelligence
  • Is quickly and easily accessed on the web
  • Is available as a self-assessment and in a 360 version in which an individual’s supervisor, peers, direct reports and others can provide anonymous, confidential feedback to the individual in order to help them become more aware of how they are perceived by others and the impact they have on others
  • Shows how to recognize each S+EQ competency and how to know when it is lacking
  • Includes development tips on how an individual can strengthen and enhance their social and emotional intelligence

In the executive coaching I’ve been doing the past four years these are the 10 competencies that stand out as fundamental to being a great leader:

  • Emotional Self Awareness
  • Accurate Self-Assessment
  • Intentionality
  • Personal Power
  • Behavioral Self Control
  • Empathy
  • Situational & Organizational Awareness
  • Powerful Influencing Skills
  • Communication
  • Managing Conflict Resolution