Secret Yearnings

12.01.13 | Posted in UnCommon Leadership

The quote listed below should make each of us think deeply about what is it that is burning inside where only the pilot light may still be flickering – at least my hope and prayer is that light hasn’t completely flamed out! Why is that my hope? One of my favorite verses from Proverbs is “if the people lack vision they perish.” It’s the same message. We are here for a purpose – a vision – a hope – a dream, whatever you want to call it. Each of us has one that is unique and specific. But, for most of us, once we get past the age of 30 we may be leading “lives of quiet desperation” to quote Henry David Thoreau. We are no longer driven by those things that yielded immense pleasure and excitement and caused you to be alive with a purpose and passion that is unstoppable. Sound familiar? Here’s the quote:

“Each of us carries within a secret yearning – a yeaning that, as time and life march on, often becomes a secret sorrow. That yearning will be different for each of us, as it is the most deeply longed-for expression of self. Only to the degree that we – each of us – are able to bring forth our own heart’s core will our lives feel fulfilled, truly worthwhile.”
George Kinder

What’s your dream? What’s your secret yearning? What would it take to discover it again (or for the 1st time!) and then live it? Go ahead – no more excuses – it is never too late. Take some risks and find out what that looks like for you! Don’t let the song stay locked up inside and unsung any longer.

Onward & Upward!

Ed Chaffin

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2 Responses to “Secret Yearnings”

  1. Kristin says:


    The fire inside does change over time and if we don’t spend time relighting it by finding our dream, it can be completely out before we know it. Thanks for the “go ahead” message.

    • echaffin says:

      Hi, Kristin. Thanks so much for the comment and glad this blog resonated with you! I hope you’re doing well and ready for a blessed Christmas season.

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