Investing In The Millennial Generation

06.01.12 | Posted in UnCommon Leadership

Recently, my 28-year-old daughter and I were talking. She was telling me things about her work that frustrated her and she said, “Dad, don’t take this the wrong way, but my generation is just so much smarter than yours!”

I love it, don’t you?! I’m sure some of you are incredulous, but I think it’s very telling of this generation. She went on to clarify that her main point about her generation being smarter related to technology. And, in that regard, virtually all of us boomers have to agree!

I’ve written a white paper regarding the generational differences (you can take a look at that here). But, for now, I’d like to discuss how we could better invest in this incredible group of people.

Several key factors to consider:

  • This group is estimated to be larger than the baby boom generation
  • They are alleged to be coachable and open to being mentored
  • Organizations have finally embraced “coaching” as a key strategic initiative*

If we’re right about this generation – and I believe we are – then we have not only an incredible opportunity, but also an incredible obligation to take what we’ve learned and pass it on. This is our next great generation of leaders. If they want to learn and are willing to be coached, let’s step up. If your company has not embraced coaching as a strategic initiative then it’s time to consider it.

Do you have an intentional, focused effort to develop this next generation of leaders?

We at HCI are passionate about investing in others. We’re also expert coaches. How can we help your organization?

Onward & Upward!

* The Critical Human Capital Issues of 2011 – The Institute For Corporate Productivity (i4CP) – Annual study – Coaching is now the Number 10 item for High Market Performers

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