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Who Do You Love?
Posted in UnCommon Leadership | 02.14.14

Hopefully, you’ve taken care of this special day that the marketing machines have created so that, no matter what, we take the time to recognize that special love in our...

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life perserver

Help! I’m Drowning!
Posted in UnCommon Leadership | 01.13.14

There are a lot of directions you could go with a title like that and the obvious ones – we are all drowning in information, technology, too much to do,...

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Tis The Season
Posted in UnCommon Leadership | 01.07.14

Or was! Now that the BCS Championship is over it finally seems official that we can turn the page on the calendar and begin to create, plan and execute in...

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red bmw

How Bad Do You Want It?
Posted in UnCommon Leadership | 12.06.13

No, not the BMW. I’ll get to that later. One of my friends and my mentor coach during my ICF certification as a coach, Jille Bartolome posted this quote from...

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Can We Get There From Here?
Posted in UnCommon Leadership | 12.04.13

Men have often been ridiculed by women because we won’t stop and ask directions no matter how lost we may appear to be. We now have brain research and science...

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question - everything

Question Everything
Posted in UnCommon Leadership | 12.02.13

I just read some research data and then had it taken away with a subjective opinion later in the article. I thought at that point, if what they are saying...

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