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So That’s How You Really Get It Done?
Posted in Guest Blog | 07.08.13

This week’s Guest blogger is a local (Louisiana) and national rock star in the HR world. Robin most recently was the VP of HR at the Louisiana Lottery, but recently...

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Authentic Leadership – A Tale of Three Leaders
Posted in Guest Blog | 06.19.13

It’s guest blog time again. Laura Wolfe has written a pithy and compelling blog about authentic leadership….something we need more of in our world! Laura and I share several things...

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Ambition and the Gender Divide
Posted in Guest Blog | 06.05.13

I am privileged to teach leadership and bring the Birkman into several programs at LSU. One of the them that has quickly become “the” must have Masters is in the...

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The 3 Leadership Essentials for Every Entrepreneur… And The One Game Changer!
Posted in Guest Blog | 05.15.13

One of the great things that occurs is this line of work that I’m blessed to do is that you get a chance to be there for someone at a...

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Finding Business Solutions in Improvisational Comedy!
Posted in Guest Blog | 04.22.13

This week our guest blogger is Stacey Mason who resides in Arkansas. Stacey and I share several of the same passions, one of which is that we are both certified...

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Being Different Or Making A Difference; There Is A Difference
Posted in Guest Blog | 04.08.13

Guest blogger – John S. Arnold Today’s guest blogger is a very close friend of mine.  John gets to take a lot of credit for guiding me into the executive...

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